Getting a good night's sleep can be difficult and it’s something that probably feels even tougher now as many people are balancing working from home, remote learning for the kids, and much more.

It can be even harder for those without a place to call home. Now one local company is stepping in.

The president and CEO of Ognomy - The Sleep Apnea App, Dr. Daniel Rifkin, and his staff are putting together “Restcue” Kits. His team is distributing these kits to local shelters.

Inside these kits are ear plugs, masks, lavender, and a notebook and pencil for people to write down their worries.

"If they wind up in a shelter, if they have to go to a different place to sleep, that they can have something that will make it calming for them that will allow them to fall asleep," he said. "I know we all take that for granted sometimes when we lay down in bed. It's a comfortable feeling. But when you are displaced from your home, it's difficult to sleep."

The donations are happening with the help of an app called Ognomy, which was the idea of Dr. Rifkin.

With the help of the team at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, they got this idea off of the ground. The platform is designed to diagnose and help treat patients with sleep apnea.

Every time someone completes their treatment through this app, the team will create and donate a kit. So far, they’ve donated 80 kits to the Niagara Gospel Mission.

Dr. Rifkin says he hopes they can grow this into something past the pandemic, donating kits to people displaced by other things such as wildfires. 

You can check out the app Ognomy, here.